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The Renowned Wineries of Burgenland present their wines from the Austrian wine growing area Burgenland under the auspices of the Austrian Ambassador in Belgium Jürgen Meindl and the Commercial Counsellor Martina Madeo.

When 25 January 2017
9:30-11:00 masterclass “The great sites of Burgenland”
9:30-12:00 table presentation and free tasting

Where Stadhuis Antwerpen (Trouwzaal / Leyszaal)
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The Renowned Wineries of BURGENLAND | Paul Achs Winery | Feiler-Artinger Winery | Gesellmann Winery | Giefing Winery | Hans Igler Winery | Juris Winery | Paul Kerschbaum Winery | Kollwentz Winery | Krutzler Winery | Leberl Winery | Rittsteuer Winery | Ernst Triebaumer Winery | | Umathum Winery

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